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Posted on May 10, 2017 By Admin

Dynamics 365 Monthly Update


This post is a quick review of the main updates and new features available in Microsoft Dynamics 365 8.2.

Manage keys feature

The new actualization includes a manage keys feature that has been added in the Dynamics 365 Administration center to give administrators the ability to manage the database encryption keys for Dynamics 365 (online) instance. The manage keys feature lets you perform the following tasks.

  • Enable the ability to self-manage database encryption keys that are associated with Dynamics 365 (online) instances.
  • Generate new encryption keys or upload existing .PFX or .BYOK encryption key files.
  • Lock a Dynamics 365 (online) instance.

Read more about jte manage keys features here 


The Dynamics 365 Home page

The Dynamics 365 Home page provides users a fast and easy way to access and launch their business applications from a centralized location.  Business applications that are displayed here include all the Dynamics 365 applications and PowerApps.  Each application is displayed in the form of a tile with a description to guide user’s access to the application.

Read more here 


Analyze and improve data query performance

A new feature in Dynamics 365 (online) to analyze and optimize query performance is the Data Performance view which provides an aggregated list of entities with long-running queries.  A long running query is defined as a query that takes three seconds or longer to complete. Optimizing an entity that has long-running queries could significantly reduce the amount of time the query takes to load. Read the complete article here 


Business process flow automation in Dynamics 365

For the latest release of Dynamics 365, Microsoft made big changes to the business process flow infrastructure. A business process flow is now represented as an entity and an instance of a process is stored as a record within that entity. Each record is associated with a data record (like an Account, Contact, Lead, Opportunity etc.) and, in the case of cross-entity processes, with one data record for each participating entity. This new architecture provides fine-grained control of access permissions per operation and per security role, and exposure of process data to the charting and reporting infrastructure. Read more here


Concurrent business process flows in Dynamics 365

Dynamics 365 introduces concurrent business process flows. This allows multiple processes to run concurrently against the same record, which enables very powerful real-world business scenarios. For example, while the Sales department is running a sales process with a customer, the Customer Service department might be helping that same customer with a previous purchase that generated a support ticket guided by a service process.


Microsoft Social Engagement 2017 Update 1.3

New features introduced

Power BI content pack for Social Engagement

Microsoft Social Engagement introduces the Microsoft Power BI content pack, designed specifically for community managers to get insights about engagement and team performance on social media.

Conversation view for private messages and Twitter replies

Social Engagement shows you any conversation that involves private messages (Facebook or Twitter) and Twitter replies of one of your social profiles

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