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Posted on June 7, 2017 By Admin

Are you ready to upgrade to Microsoft Dynamics GP 2016?



Hello Community!  Are you ready to upgrade to Microsoft Dynamics GP 2016?

In today’s post, we want to talk about the main reasons why Microsoft users should upgrade their Dynamics GP system to GP 2016.  Upgrading is essential because increases performance, fixes previously identified bugs or issues, and gives you access to Microsoft support.

The GP system’s latest version is GP 2016 R2.  In the new release, Microsoft has enhanced the web client. Dynamics GP will now work using any browser (Firefox, Chrome, Safari and Edge). Microsoft also added support for all mobile devices (Windows, Ipad and Android).

Dynamics GP 2016 R2 introduces powerful features and capability enhancements across the product to optimize daily operational and financial processes, improve collaboration, BI and reporting, and deepen interoperability with other Microsoft products such as Microsoft Office 365, Microsoft Azure and Microsoft PowerBI.

Here are a just few great reasons why upgrading to Dynamics GP 2016 R2 will help you get more out of your investment:

Microsoft Dynamics GP2016 R2 builds upon the value delivered in Microsoft Dynamics GP 2016, here are some highlights:

  • Power BI on Web Client Home page
  • Ability to cancel a Purchase Order when linked to a Requisition
  • Display Tax Percent for Historical Transactions
  • Ability to print a payroll W-2 with lines on blank paper, sweet, no more buying forms!!
  • Plus 25+ feature enhancements prioritized by our customers.


Other features that have been enhanced since Dynamics GP 2013 or 2015 include the following:

  1. Lower Costs

Upgrading your solution can help you lower IT costs by making it easier to integrate your Dynamics GP solution with other systems, including the other Microsoft products and services you already use.

  1. Anywhere, anytime access

The innovative new web client and companion apps run on multiple mobile platforms enable your people to connect and contribute wherever, whenever and however they want (working from the office, on the road, at home, and on a PC, tablet, iPad, or mobile device). And the new web service console allows your IT team to extend web access without worrying about sacrificing security and control.

  1. Optimize productivity

you can optimize purchasing productivity and accuracy by using requisitions, setting specific percentage tolerances; improve inventory efficiency by monitoring and tracking items with unique reasons codes; and speed shipping by drop-shipping serialized items directly from suppliers to customers.

  1. Power BI

The updated home page enables your business access PowerBI, perform employee self-serve tasks, track KPIs, anticipate opportunities, delegate tasks, and take informed action.

  1. Document Attach

use the Document Attach capability to append informative details, pictures, notes, or contracts directly to a transaction or line item to add valuable business context for employees, customers, and suppliers.

  1. Reporting

Out-of-the-box PowerBI Dashboards, SQL Reporting Services, refreshable Excel reports and Word templates give everyone in your organization a complete view of the business and simplifies your regular reporting needs giving your power users the ability to do more.

  1. Evaluate the cloud on your terms

With flexible deployment options, you can continually evaluate the deployment model that makes most sense for your business and budget. On premises, hosted, or a combination of both.


Upgrading your GP system will add value, improve productivity, improve anytime access and streamline workflow process.

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