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Posted on November 17, 2017 By Admin

Cloud Connection

In today’s post we want to share an important recent event, the Microsoft and Adobe partnership in Dynamics 365 and Adobe Experience Manager, ‘‘Cloud Connection’’.

 ‘’By integrating Adobe Experience Cloud, with Microsoft Dynamics 365 you now can build experiences that customers are looking for and give marketers the tools and insights they need.’’*

Dina Apostolou, director of the Business Applications Group at Microsoft, stated that this integration will help marketers who are using the Adobe toolset to better capitalize on the customer relationship management (CRM) stored in Microsoft’s business application suite. Meanwhile, Adobe reported that part of the company’s Marketing Cloud is content management used by marketing specialists to offer online and mobile experiences to enhance customer participation. Now, those experiences can be managed, shared and stored in Dynamics 365 customer data.

Summing up, Microsoft Dynamics 365 and Adobe Experience Manager will help organizations with sales and marketing developing a more global view of their customer bases and streamline workflows while promoting collaboration. Also, marketers can gain further possibilities by personalizing activities and automating content, allowing them to discard many manual processes that can obstruct campaigns.

If you want to learn more about Dynamics 365 partnership with Adobe you can find more information and read the original articles here:

* quote