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Posted on November 17, 2017 By Admin

Developing Apps

Finally, we wouldn’t like to finish today’s posts without giving you some advice, to keep in mind, when developing an app.

Sometimes developers assume programming or creating an app is easier than it looks, but we believe that having a great app idea or a nice app in development, it is important that you take your time to analyze a few important steps in the process and avoid some common mistakes:


  • Don’t design complicated Features and Interfaces

Creating extra features that don’t really provide any value, it’s going to complicate and annoy users. Identify the key features that would contribute to the user and spend your time developing them just right. Remember the interfaces must be as simple and friendly as possible, this will depend on how receptive the app will be to the user.

  • Developing Apps in Multiple Platforms

Unless you have a big staff and large budget, to operate and develop at the same time in different platforms, we don’t recommend develop on multiple platforms at the same time. This will mix a lot of information, take a lot of resources and valuable time. Instead, choose an important platform, based on your target audience and focus on developing right. After success, you can start producing for other platforms. 

  • Create a Deep Testing Phase

One common mistake when developing an app is the rush to get it on the market. This will come with a lot of bugs, problems, and issues that will reduce the amount of people willing to download it. It’s better if you take the time need it to test it properly find any problems, catch bugs and even improve the overall design. 

  • App Tracking

No matter how much your test your app, users will always find themselves stuck with some bugs. Bugs are common in software, and most people are accustomed to dealing with them, but this doesn’t mean they don’t expect issues getting fix quickly. This is why it is important to keep an eye on user comments at the app stores or in the app feedback (if applies). Try to maintain a balance between your app and new working projects, to improve its functionality and avoiding your app get ignored. 

  • Monetization in Apps

In some opportunities, it is important to consider Monetization in your apps from the beginning. Determining a monetization strategy will allow you to provide the user with a more fluid experience, instead of adding this later, which will give negatively impacts to the user experience. 

  • App Advertisement

You may think the best time for marketing your app is once it’s ready to be released. This is true, but it is important to consider creating some excitement campaign and start gathering a potential audience for your app. When to start? well, it depends on your progress, but it is important when you are in your final days; that way you can start showing screenshots or even a functionality video.