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Posted on February 7, 2018 By Admin

Microsoft Dynamics 365 Updates for Retail Store

In today’s post, we want to talk about the new capabilities and enhancements Microsoft has for Dynamics 365 for Retail Store.

Last month, during the National Retail Federation’s Conference (NRF 2018) at New York, Microsoft announced some new features that added to its business software and services suite for retailers. Among these are new productivity components that can alert store employees of important changes that might affect the customer experience or their workday.

Some of the new features included with this new year early update for Dynamics 365 for Retail are:


  • Associate productivity with task notifications

To keep employees on top of daily tasks, a notification capability has been added to inform them when a task requires their attention, like when an order arrives or a product is no longer in stock. Within these notifications that have been added, there are also tasks like helping customers, running transactions, performing stock counts, or receiving orders in the store, all within a single Point of Sale (POS) application.


  • Store order fulfillment

A unified order fulfillment operation has been added to the POS. This would help many retailers optimize order fulfillment by enabling stores to fill orders created elsewhere, allowing employees to fulfill orders much more efficiently, and letting retailers provide their customers with a true omnichannel experience.


  • Inventory visibility enhancements

Now with the new features improvements of inventory visibility, the cashiers will be able to use the POS to get a more global vision of the inventory of any product in their store or in other stores and warehouses of the company in order to find the products that the clients want and provide them with a better experience.


  • Inventory lookup

Another feature in the Inventory lookup is the display of the reserved inventory and incoming order quantity along with a new functionality to help cashiers look the total inventory and verify if a product is elsewhere in the store, or is in stock at a nearby location. This will also allow managers determine if a product replenishment has been ordered when the stock of a product is running low.


Finally, it only remains to say that these new Dynamics 365 for retail capabilities will help retailers innovate with tools that combine the best of digital and in-store to deliver different, seamless and new personal customer experiences. These latest features are now available in preview and are expected to be globally available in early 2018.


For more information about Dynamics 365 for Retail, visit here

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