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Posted on February 15, 2018 By Admin

As all you know Microsoft Dynamics GP is a comprehensive ERP and accounting solution designed to help coordinate and unify all the different parts of a business. However, many companies running Dynamics GP are just scraping the surface when it comes to utilizing the software’s great capabilities.

In today’s post, we would like to show the possibilities of the different Dynamics GP “Reporting Tools”. These tools allow users to pull out critical data and share reports that allow the readers to understand the data and view it in different ways. The most common reporting tools are:

  • Smart List Designer

This tool, allows users to create or modify existing SmartLists. It allows building Excel Refreshable Reports, connecting directly to Dynamics GP data with a constant update to ensure users get the last business information. From there, you can easily export data to excel to allow viewing it in your smartphone or tablet and sharing it over the network, SharePoint or Outlook 365.

Another great feature available in Dynamics GP is that users can combine data from Dynamics GP with other sources when creating or modifying SmartLists and Refreshable Excel Reports.

  • Navigation List

There are two types of navigation list that allows you to locate information quickly and easily. First, we have “Master Record Lists” and second we got “Transaction Lists”. Either one can be customized, letting you choose which columns are displayed and in which order they appear. For Master Record Lists, you can search for active records, which are not associated with dates such as customer list, while with Transaction Lists you can search for historical records or transactions based on posting dates. Both types allow you to search for specific data limiting the records display. The Navigation Lists also displays all the available report types such as Microsoft Dynamics GP reports, Excel reports, SSRS, SmartList favorites and other reports, for the associated Navigation series.

  • Report Writer

The legacy tool of Dynamics GP, it allows you to customize any out of the box GP report.  With Report Writer, not only you can change the appearance of any existing report, but you can also make a global change that affects all reports, and you can create your own new personalized reports.

  • Word Templates

The Word Templates can be considered an extension of “Report Writer”, it adds the benefit of visualization to match your company’s formats and standards. With this tool, you can create cleaner and more professional reports, maintaining the same functionalities and features of Word right out of Dynamics GP. Another important feature of this tool is that comes with a template generator allowing users to create Microsoft Word Templates for any Dynamics GP reports.

  • Excel Refreshable Reports

This tool maintains the same features and functionality of Excel, but links in real time the data within Dynamics GP. Once the user connects the Excel Report with Dynamics GP, the data can be refreshed with the click of a button. It can only be created based off a query that was built using a SQL view. It is important to keep in mind that you need to configure the security to the SQL view prior to accessing it in Excel or Smartlist Designer.

  • Management Reporter

Management Reporter is a great tool for creating, maintaining and deploying financial statements. Pulling directly from Dynamics GP, you can create a variety of financial reports representing the data in the way you want it to be shown. Within this tool we find three main components:

  1. Report Designer. For generating reports and creating report building blocks.
  2. Report Viewer. For viewing and organizing reports.
  3. Web Viewer. For displaying reports in a web browser without installing MR for viewing reports.
  • SQL Server Reporting Services (SSRS)

Last but not least, we have SSRS, the tool that comes with a full range of tools and allows you to create, deploy and manage reports for your company. This reporting service works within Microsoft Visual Studio and is fully integrated with the tools and features of SQL Server. With SSRS you can create reports that are interactive, graphical and tabular, with rich data visualization including charts, maps, and sparklines. Also, you can schedule report processing or even access reports that are on demand from relational, multidimensional, or XML-based data sources.

Dynamics GP comes with a pack of predefined reports for most the GP modules: Accounts Payable, Accounts Receivables, Sales Order Processing, etc. You can deploy these reports when installing Dynamics GP or just going launching the Dynamics GP Setup installer.

Finally, we would like to have some feedback from you. Here at Bluepath, we’re in a constant search to offer a better and satisfying service.

If you have had any challenging report or reporting issue in the past with SSRS (SQL Server reporting tool), we would like to hear from you, please leave us a comment below. This will help us understand the common reporting needs and give better results to the GP community.