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Posted on April 3, 2018 By Admin

Microsoft launches Dynamics 365 Business Central

Great news in today’s post, Microsoft launched “Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central” for business on April 2.  Not only this is great news but it is also a relief for the companies because it will bring an easy method to transfer data and upgrade from old ERP platforms to this new release.

With this announcement, Microsoft stated that companies will be provided with a unique all-in-one platform to help manage all business solutions like finances, operations, sales and customer service. Another advantage Business Central offers is the Microsoft’s cloud services including Office 365 which can be customized and extended for further specific industry needs with Microsoft Flow, PowerApps and Power BI.

Using the Office tools, Business Central will allow organizations unify their business and boost efficiency through automated tasks and workflows.  Additionally, they can have a complete global view of connected data, Microsoft’s intelligent technologies and most importantly, analysis of their business. Business Central allows companies to grow at their own pace and adapt in real time through its flexible platform, that can be modified to the different needs of companies across all industries.

As mentioned early in this post, Microsoft has positioned this new offering as an easy upgrade method to aid businesses in their digital transformation efforts and upgrade from entry-level accounting software to this new platform. Knowing that it is not just cloud-enabled but that it is actually developed from the ground up to be the SaaS platform for Dynamics small and medium businesses, Microsoft will keep a dual strategy, allowing partners and customers to choose respectively on-premises (Dynamics NAV 2018) or a cloud deployment.

Before release date was announced many were wondering how fast and easy it would be to adopt Dynamics 365 Business Central, some were arguing about basic rules of the business application market, which have not changed, even when an ERP solution is developed and deployed for the cloud. Those were the first partners and customer’s impressions since many have customizations in their current platforms and these migrations would take a lot of time and investment. In addition, customers are used to working with an ERP solution that has industry capabilities and needs to mirror business processes that reflect the specifics of their industry.

Microsoft has taken this into account and put on the task in creating a software called “Ready-to-Go” to supply these needs. This program will allow executing a group of tools that will guarantee that your existing NAV information can be migrated and implemented successfully in Dynamics 365 Business Central. To fulfill this process, a good amount of training and work is necessary from multiple resources within a partner organization. Another advantage of this migration process will be the opportunity to connect the Dynamics ERP with Microsoft Clouds like Microsoft 365 and Azure Services.

It will take time before we see a massive ERP users’ migration to Business Central, we are sure this will become a huge success to all users and partners in terms of providing more capabilities to small and medium-sized business customers and economically. This will allow SMEs get tools like analysis and artificial intelligence that simply could not afford to date.

Finally, Dynamics 365 Business Central is now available in the United Kingdom, the US and in 12 other countries since April 2, 2018. We believe it is critical that partners accelerate their efforts to get the most out of this new platform as quickly and successfully as possible, to allow customers to enjoy these new possibilities.

To find out more about Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central please visit their website, or for a preview visit their Free Trial site.