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Posted on April 4, 2018 By Admin

Power BI gets more access to data with Common Data Service

Last month at the Microsoft Business Forward event in Amsterdam, a new functionality was announced for organizations using Power BI.  It is called the Common Data Service (CDS) for Analytics, which will be available during the second quarter of 2018.

This was confirmed by Arun Ulag, general manager of Intelligence Platform Engineering at Microsoft.  Arun stated that this new component will allow organizations to analyze information from diverse business applications, prepare and manage activities, and obtain data sources without resorting to complex and expensive data ingestion. He also mentioned that to help organizations with accessing data, Pre-built connectors for common data sources will be available such as Dynamics 365, Salesforce and other Power BI’s Extensive catalog tools.

As a brief description, the Microsoft’s Common Data Model is a library that contains suppliers, accounts and data which allows business and productivity applications to share common data, allowing the companies’ business software, such as Flow, to access and automatically act on data stored in other applications.

Common Data Service for Analytics will open the field for new Power BI Insight applications that are focused on marketing, finance and other lines of business. Beginning this spring, customers will be able to try and evaluate two of these apps, Power BI for Sales Insights and Power BI for Service Insights when both preview versions are released.

Additionally, Microsoft announced an update for the non-analytics Common Data Service, which comes with PowerApps. Merged with the Microsoft’s suite of enterprise resource planning and customer relationship management products, Dynamics 365, and now called Common Data Service for Apps, it includes new features such as server-side logic support, business process modeling and an improved security model.

Finally, it’s worth mentioning that through the entire system of Microsoft Dynamics 365, we can find business intelligence capabilities that have been incorporated to provide benefits for all users such as, a new Relationship Assistant feature in Dynamics 365 for Sales that reminds users to follow up clients.  Another example is an auto-capture feature that works with Outlook analyzing emails and finding messages belonging to specific accounts, allowing users to track those messages within the CRM application.

Each day that passed it is becoming increasingly necessary to obtain and compact more information provided by our CRM in an easily manageable, understandable and presentable way. Thanks to this new addition, the Power BI users have to opportunity to take their tasks further with better results within their industry field.

To learn more about CDS for Power BI you can find more information at Microsoft Power BI Blog.