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Posted on May 1, 2018 By Admin

Power BI Desktop Gains Linguistics Capabilities

In today’s post, we want to talk about the update released for Power BI last April. In this update, Power BI gained linguistics capabilities. This means now the users can import, export and edit YAML files which will help Power BI to get the correct answers.

In the April update for Power BI Desktop, Microsoft has enabled the ability to import and export linguistic schema files. This means that users can now enhance Q&A’s ability to get the desired answers by linking the information of certain grammatical elements with a corresponding column of data.

An announcement made by on early April by Will Thompson, Microsoft Power BI program manager, explained that by indicating which are the columns that are the subject and the object of the verb, Q&A uses all this information along with any improvements you make to provide a better answer, autocomplete and a summary of the questions.

Thompson also explained that Microsoft recommends that while you are editing linguistic schema YAML files, you have to include phrases on how people would talk about things using everyday terms, thus further refining the ability of Q&A to give users the answers they seek. For example, adding a phrase like “ages indicate how old customers are,” helps Power BI generate the right results when asked to create a list of the oldest customers.

With this update, Power BI users gained the ability to integrate Q&A Explorer with their reports for a more personalized experience. Once a button, image or shape have been assigned to display the Q&A explorer dialog box, report authors can add suggested questions and configure a feature to display full report pages when users search for certain terms.  Also, organizations can now create custom templates and send them to a repository where administrators can make them available to users. These visualizations can be found next to the Power BI Visuals marketplace and the administrators can update and disable them partially or completely.

Continuing with the expansion of the Power Bi catalog, Microsoft has launched a connector for Dynamics 365 Business Central. The final version of the Adobe Analytics connector has been released, allowing users to collect and use the data from the marketing analysis and reporting platform.

Finally, The SAP HANA connector has also been updated.  Previously, users could add a port using the Server field, but skipping this step and using the default port could cause problems because the connector could not differentiate between single- and multi-container SAP HANA servers. Amanda Cofsky wrote on her blog: “With this feature enhancement, users can now specify what type of SAP HANA server they are connecting to and obtain an optimized default port”

As we see, Power BI becomes every day a better and modern data visualization tool, providing all users with real-time information about what happens in the company with unique features that are constantly improving and innovating. For more information, please visit Power BI website.